Olympic-worthy Swimwear for the Gym

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Whether you’re buying swimwear for the beach, a holiday or for day to day use in the gym, buying swimsuits can be a nightmare.  As you go out to shop for the perfect swimwear, here are the latest trends that will ensure you dazzle with your new swimwear and make heads turn.

Bold statement colours are the trend this season. Magenta, yellow and tangerine are in vogue. The key here is to be as bright as possible.

The range of swimwear available ensures that every body type gets the perfect piece. Whether it is a one-piece or a three-piece outfit, there are several elegant designs to select from. Select a design that flatters your body structure and shape flawlessly.

Bright colours are the trend, though not bright floral prints. Get a swimwear in block colours. For women, plain matching tops and bottoms in a bright colour are the perfect pick. Keep the cuts simple with minimal embellishments and let your favourite colour do all the talking.

If prints are your choice, then choose exotic ones over the floral designs. Patterns are perfect for women who wish to divert attention from unwanted areas of their body. This year, contrasting palm prints took the cake on the catwalks. A fabric that has a contrasting colour palm print outline over the entire swimwear in the desired colour would be a great buy. For a peppy and young look, opt for bright palm prints while darker ones are apt for lending a more sophisticated and trendy look to the wearer.

If bold and bright colours are not your style or preference, snake prints in subtle colours such as brown, beige, gold and cream would probably be the right alternatives. If you want, you can even go for the print in brighter hues like red, orange and pink.

Irrespective of your style and pick of swimwear, pick a piece that compliments your body and enthuses confidence in you. JD Sports brings to you several options to choose from with a range of bikinis for those who like to surf and indulge in watersports, as well as powerback swimsuits for the more serious and professional swimmers. With a host of designs and styles on offer, you are sure to find an amazing swimwear that is truly worthy of being worn by an Olympiad.