Speedo sponsored James Ketchell marks Day 50 of Atlantic Row. Nearly half way now!

James Ketchell is rowing across The Atlantic in his Speedo sponsored boat

James Ketchell is rowing across The Atlantic in his Speedo sponsored boat

On January 4th James Ketchell set off on a challenge to row the Atlantic in his boat named Speedo, in aid of the NSPCC. Using products from Speedo and Berghaus to help him on his way the journey started at La Gomera in the Canary Islands and finishes in Antigua in the West Indies.

Here are James Ketchell’s thoughts 50 days in, having rowed 1040 nautical miles of the 2700 mile voyage.

“Well I’ve now spent over 50 days at sea. Today has been a good day, I’ve managed 29 miles in 12 hours. With a little bit of drift over night that will be just fine.

Something I’ve noticed which is quite amazing considering the size of ocean I’m in is the amount of traffic that is about. Generally every other day I will see a boat that has been detected by my AIS (Automatic Identification System). I had a great chat with a captain of a cargo ship a few weeks back. Today my AIS picked up a Super Tanker that was heading up to Canada. It will certainly be a bit cooler up there. Thankfully it hasn’t been to hot today as there has been a fair bit of breeze around.

I’m told I’m much better off out here than back at home as it’s pretty cold. I’d rather be out here anyway. Sometimes it can be really pleasant and other times it can be pretty tough though. It’s generally the weather that determines your mood and how you feel.

I’m feeling pretty tired now so it’s time to get rocked to sleep.”

Captain Ketch

You can track Ketch’s progress here.