Swimming pool helps Sharron Davies through Dancing on Ice

Dancing on Ice

Sharron Davies went back to the pool to help improve her skating style. But it wasn’t the Individual Medley that she practised to avoid being sent home, it was synchronised swimming.

The 6ft tall Olympian and former Gladiators star came in for some harsh criticism a fortnight ago on the opening show of the series for not being feminine enough when ice panel judge Jason Gardiner described her as looking “possessed by a tree” and compared her twisted, angry arms to branches.

So in order to become more feminine Sharron sought advice from a synchronised swimming coach. And the move paid off as she managed to hold on to get through to next week’s show when the judges unanimously voted in her favour ahead of actor Jeremy Sheffield.

Commenting on her original dance, Nicky Walker told her the swimming lessons were an “inspired idea”. It was the second time Sharron has appeared in the bottom two in Dancing on Ice. She was forced to take part in the opening show skate off with 80s pop star Sinitta.