Swim adventure holidays with Swimtrek

Swimtrek's Simon Murie and Robson Green preparing to swim the Corryvreckan

Swimtrek's Simon Murie and Robson Green preparing to swim the Corryvreckan

Feeling adventurous and looking for a different type of holiday this year which doesn’t involve lounging around on beaches? Then check out Swimtrek’s website to see what they have an offer.

It’s not cheap (the holidays don’t include flights or transportation) but they do include top quality guides to ensure you don’t veer wildly off course when you are swimming – incredibly easy to do when you don’t have lane ropes!

My wife bought me a Swimtrek holiday to the Lake District last summer for my 40th birthday and though it was bloody, bloody cold swimming some of the lakes (just 10 degrees in Ennerdale Tarn) the sense of achievement was immense – once I’d got the feeling back in my toes!

lord-byronOne swim that has caught my eye for this year is the Swim across Hellespont. Situated in Turkey, The Hellespont is undoubtedly one of the most significant open water swims in the world.

In 1810, Lord Byron the English Poet (pictured right) became the first known person to swim across the Hellespont from Europe to Asia. He swam it in honour of Leander, who in Greek Mythology, would swim nightly across this stretch of water to his lover Hero!

Another challenging swim that was recently featured on Robson Green’s Wild Swimming Adventure is across the Corryvreckan in Scotland – appparently the third biggest whirlpool in the world. There’s another chance to see Swimtrek’s Simon Murie guide Robson Green through the whirlpool as he prepares for his final challenge – a swim to Holy Island in memory of his Dad.

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