Review: New Zoggs Fusion Air to combat ‘panda eyes’

After leaking, one of the biggest complaints we hear about swimming goggles at Goggleblog is the ‘Panda Eye’ effect –  two big rings around your eyes appearing where the goggles have been rubbing your skin.

It seems many women opt for larger face mask style designs (like Aquasphere Kayennes), in particular, to avoid that unpleasant look. But now Zoggs claims to have come up with a revolutionary design to help combat the Panda Eye effect so it doesn’t look like you’ve been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson after your swim.

Called the Fusion Air, the new goggle comes with a built air cushion for a softer fit and less marking. They also feature two nose bridges for optimum fit and an easily adjustable strap at the back (rather than the sides) like the popular Zoggs Predators.

The Fusion Air look magnificent in white. They retail for £14.99.

Like other models in Zoggs’ range (such as the Athena), they are a slightly smaller design than some goggles, which is bound to make them popular with many women who complain that larger sized goggles often leak.

Comfortable fit

We tested a black pair of Fusion Air goggles with black nose clip and found them really comfy to wear as well as looking the part . Certainly they are a lot more comfortable than other competition goggles we have tested.

After a few false starts, trying the different size nose clips and tightening up the straps (which was really easy to do), they fitted perfectly and didn’t leak at all. The acid test was at the end of the session when I took the goggles off and looked in the mirror. While I did have a few faint marks, these were nowhere near the noticeable panda eyes I had from other goggles and they had already gone by the time I got out the shower.

On the whole, I was very impressed. They are sylish, look like a racing goggle but are comfy to wear even for long periods and I didn’t look like Chi Chi the panda afterwards which is always a plus!

Available now for £13.99, the Fusion Air come in a striking white with two white nose bridges and a smoke lens (pictured left). Alternatively they come in black with either two pink (pictured top right) or two black nose bridges.

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By Wendy Knowles