Speedo unveils new Speedo Fastskin3 ‘racing system’

Speedo sponsored swimmers, including Rebecca Adlington (centre), model the company's new Fastskin3 'racing system'

This morning Speedo launched its revolutionary new Fastskin3 swimming racing system which could see world records tumble at next year’s London 2012 Olympics.

Designed around the athlete from head to toe, the system’s cap, goggles and suit have been developed to work in harmony as a complete package.

As a result, Speedo claims, Fastskin3 helps the athlete cut through the water with maximum efficiency, reducing passive drag by up to 16.6 per cent and delivering an 11 per cent improvement in oxygen economy.

Highlights include a cap with a ‘hair management’ system to make female swimmers more hydrodynamic in the water and a space-aged looking pair of goggles offering much wider peripheral vision and three interchangeable nose bridges for optimum fit.

Developed in conjunction with with some of the world’s leading athletes, The Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Swimsuit incorporates an innovative 3D Zoned Compression fabric system throughout, sculpting the swimmer’s body to create the most efficient and hydrodynamic swimming shape in the water, reducing skin friction drag by up to 2.7%.

Becky Adlington sports the new Speedo Fastskin 3 racing system

The system also incorporates revolutionary Hydro K-Zone 3D fabric which, Speedo claims, provides high power, graduated compression throughout, helping to achieve the optimum hydrodynamic profile. This is complemented by Pulse-Flex Fabric used on the shoulders and panels, offering high stretch in one direction to couple freedom of movement with powerful compression.

A ‘Body Stability Web’ constant seam framework gives greater stability, improving stroke and enhancing the effectiveness of starts and turns by up to 3%, while an IQ FIT ‘snap back’ waistband on the male jammer, eliminates the need for drawstrings and ensures a flatter, more efficient profile.

For female suits, Speedo has developed a unique Armhole Entry system making it easier to put on while maintaining the best possible fit and maximum fabric coverage, optimising the suit’s hydrodynamic properties.

Press at the event at the Tramshed in London’s trendy Shoreditch were treated to a fashion show during which models and dancers performed various swimming related dance routines before the Speedo sponsored swimmers were presented wearing the new Fastskin3 gear.

Says Olympic gold medal winner Rebecca Adlington who was the main swimming star of the show:

“The new Fastskin feels so good, it feels very comfortable. I’ve never seen all three items (cap, goggles and swimsuit) designed together like this. You don’t get as much drag when you put them together in one like this.”

The new Speedo Fastskin 3 system goes on sale exclusively on Speedo.com from tomorrow and will be widely available from the beginning of January 2012.

You can see a full set of pictures from the event here.

YouTube video: Dancers at the Tramshed, Shoreditch perform swimming inspired routines at the launch of Speedo’s Fastskin3.