David Walliams celebrates completing 140 mile River Thames Swim

Fantastic shot of Walliams with the Union Flag, celebrating his amazing charity swim

All images: Press Association

David Walliams celebrates as he completes his 140-mile charity swim along the River Thames in Westminster, London.

The Little Britain funnyman, who has raised more than £1 million for Sport Relief, finished his extraordinary journey in eight days as thousands of fans -including Team Goggleblog – gathered at Westminster Bridge to cheer him on.

Speaking, appropriately enough, at the London Aquarium after completing his epic swim, Walliams said: “I feel very relieved because I must say I am a bit over swimming.”

“I feel like I have done enough swimming for one lifetime.”

Swimming the last stretch of his 140 mile journey, Walliams really was travelling at some pace through the water

Talking about the challenges the Thames swim presented, Walliams added: “There was a lot against me. And the water was a lot colder than we expected because it was such a bad summer. Getting ill was the worst because when you are sick the last thing  you want to do is exercise. You just want to lay in bed.”

Speaking about all the support the challenge generated, Walliams added: “The interest that people had in the swim took me by surprise….It really did spur me on. It made me very proud to be British.”

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You can see a YouTube video of David Walliams approaching Westminster Bridge below (apologies for the sound – it was quite windy).