London 2012 Aquatics Centre opened. Can I swim in it post-Olympics?

Members of a synchronised swimming team form the shape of a number "1" to mark the one year countdown to the start of the London 2012 in the Aquatics Centre

With exactly one year to go until the London 2012 Olympics the Aquatics Centre has been unveiled.

Costing £269 million, the Zaha Hadid designed building is undoubtedly impressive, but then so it should be given the original budget was a more modest £75 million.

I only hope that at some point I get to at least sit in the 17,000 seater stadium (thanks to the shambolic lottery system I failed, like most people, to get Olympics swimming tickets). And that after the Olympics the pool is fully open for the public to swim in and not turned into some sort of water-based theme park like has happened in Beijing.

I remember swimming in the Olympic swimming pools in the Montjuic Stadium, Barcelona a few years back (both indoors and outdoors) and thoroughly enjoying it.

However, I seem to recall the outdoor diving boards are no longer in use – diving it seems has fallen foul of the dreaded health and safety brigade with fewer diving pools in existence now than ever before, even in Spain it seems.

Amazingly, though we can still produce diving champions. You can see Tom Daley ‘christen’ the pool so to speak with this dive, afterwards describing the water as, er, ‘cold’. Thanks for that insight, Tom. Personally Peter Kay bombing off the top board – like in the John Smith’s advert – may have been more appropriate, certainly funnier, but maybe they thought that wouldn’t be quite so fitting for such a prestigious occasion.