The Swim: Jason Bradbury Irish Sea crossing on track

Just goes to show what can be achieved with a bit (well probably quite a lot) of effort – and some very decent quality coaching.

When I saw Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury swimming a couple of months ago in the Serpentine, Hyde Park I had serious concerns about whether he would be able to swim his 8 mile or so leg across The Irish Sea for The Swim. His stroke was unsteady and his head was far too high in the water. In short he looked like he would have struggled to swim a mile.

How things have changed. Clearly Jason Bradbury has been training hard with Speedo Advisory coach Dan Bullock of over the past few of months and it’s paying off. Dan sent us this You Tube update (below) with a glowing review of his progress.

Says Dan Bullock: “Jason is making excellent progress. He has gone from not being able to swim 50m continuously in May, to quickly achieving a 200m time of 6:15 to recently hitting 3:45 for 200m.”

Here’s his weekly training programme:
1-2-1 technical lesson with SFT/Dan Bullock
3km of technical endurance work at Putney Pool with SFT Fitness
3.5km of openwater fitness at Hyde Park with SFT Openwater sessions
Dryland and stretchcords during Jasons busy travel and filming schedule.
4km SFT ‘on your own’ session anywhere in the world where Jason finds pooltime between Gadget Show reports etc.

If you want to sponsor the cause but don’t want to get in the water, then you can sponsor Jason at or the team at